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Stud 8 bustout hand.... one for Bart and David T...

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
We started day 2 and I had 8 big bets left. After about 30 min of playing having to bring in a few times and having to fold on 4th after getting a banana when vil got a good card I am now down to about 5 big bets..

This is a general strat question for my preflop decision. After that I think its pretty much going with it..

I have a King up and buried Jacks. My high card is the highest card on anyones board.. One villain has a 7 up and the other low card has an 8.. others have either Tens or 9s showing.. no one has a king or a jack showing.. we are 7 handed..

the villain with the 7 opens to 1200.. folds to me and I raise to 2400.. second villain cold calls the 2400..

so my question to you both is this? Would you rather be the opener with the high pair? or is my play by raising just fine given that I am now down to 4 big bets and will generally have to go with this (of course depending on my board and theirs)..

I am asking because I think my stack is a weird size.. not too small but really not that big either.. I think maybe waiting for either an unopened pot would have been better or hoping I get an ace up (and low wheel cards) to give me more equity..

All in all I felt I played pretty well. I made two bet sizing mistakes early when I accidentally raised and had to goto 7th and missed.. in another pot a big stack showed a 7 and a 6 up on fourth I had split aces and a 9 on fourth and he check raised me with what I think was 4 to a low and probably a straight draw.. I didnt expect that and folded.. The other thing I didnt expect was that other than this one guy at my first table I didnt see anyone who was a complete fish. Unlike in the mix O8 tourney or the PLO8 tourney where it seemed half the players had no idea. In fact on my last table on day 1 I was clearly the worst player there..



  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
    Oh and I would definitely like to play the limit O8 , OE and this event again next year.. I might even try a few HORSE events coming up during Legends and other series to get more practice..
  • BartBart Posts: 5,897AdministratorLeadPro
    Are you saying that the 7 was the bring in and you completed to 2400? Or was there another bring in, the 7 raised and you reraised? Either way its fine and having an 8 cold call your raise is actually better than a wheel card calling as his hand is most likely 3 to a straightening 8 as opposed to say 4 A 6 or something where someone has a buried ace as an overcard to your Ks. Usually if the players are decent they won't be calling with raggedy hands like A58 to two bets cold.

    The only problem with Js as opposed to say split Ks is that there are more bananas for your opponents that can back them into a better high hand. Although it is slightly better to have your pair buried as it adds to deception in your own hand.

    What happened in the rest of the hand if you can remember?
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