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NL 2-5 value owned

Jstevens1118 Posts: 13Subscriber
edited July 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2-5 NL capped game, villain and hero are $400 effective. Villain open at 2 off button with KJ spades, hero calls QQ on button, BB calls. Flop Qs, 10d, 4h. Villain checks, hero leads $55, villain calls, BB folds. Turn As. Villain checks, hero bets $75 villain calls. River blank, villain checks again. What do you do here? I value owned myself for $165, called all in for remainder $55. Is this a check back on river?


  • MikeG Posts: 989Subscriber
    I'd have bet a bit more on the turn. River is a must bet. Anything else is just hindsight.
  • Jstevens1118 Posts: 13Subscriber
    Kind of my thought that this conclusion was inevitable. Possibly a check raise by villain on turn saves me, but still a tough lay down with stack sizes
  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    I'd 3 bet pre.

    I'd bet bigger turn too.

    Easy river shove
  • DrSpace Posts: 716Subscriber
    edited July 2016
    3! pre vs late open. Get it in earlier and oftener here.
  • eyedunno Posts: 215Subscriber
    So yeah... Pay a little more attention to the potsize/stack size when making your bet sizes so you can work to get all in by the river. Not all villains will pay attention, but when you make that river bet and it's for most, but not all of villains stack it can be perceived as really strong and you could get more folds than normal... As played the call off on the river is fine. Run better obv :)
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