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Shortstack play over 150BB's

BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
edited July 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Yes, you read the title right.

There is a player in my pool who seemingly has no skills when it comes to bet sizing. Pre-flop he will either limp, fold, or shove all-in. If he happens to see the flop he will either check, fold, or shove all in. That's it.

He will limp pre-flop if there is not enough money in the pot, and he will limp his entire range, even AA in that situation. But that is the only time he will make a move other than check, fold, or shove.

I have seen him show down the following hands. AJo, A3s, KQs, AA, 55, QJs.

Basically he plays his whole range as passive as possible until he decides there is enough money in the pot, and then he will either go for max value, or max fold equity.

He's 'all-in' about once or twice an orbit. Sometimes more if he's somewhat short. His usual buy-in is $100 at 1/2, and he'll stick it in however and wherever he can until he wins a few and then he settles in. But he always always plays this 'all or nothing' strategy.

He's not a maniac. He's not spazzy. And I don't think he's stupid. He seems to be playing what would be considered good tournament strategy under 20BB's. Except this is a cash game, and we're 200BB's deep.

So far the most +EV counter I have found is to move tables. Playing with this guy creates an atmosphere where a table full of otherwise loose-passives turn into a family of nut-campers. I don't think that's a profitable situation, or a very fun one, so I've been making efforts to avoid this guy, or re-locate myself.

Assuming I'm forced to play with this guy, and his aura has infected the masses.....meaning the table is playing tight/trappy....what's my plan? What's the best seat?


  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    I would sit on his immediate right and pay really good attention to see if I could pick up a tell on him like when it's your turn and he is going tofold what does he do? Or when he shoves what does he do? By sitting on his right u get last decision and are not trApped by your opponents, also I would take some marginal flips if u can afford the volatility.
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    Thanks JH.

    It's actually a little encouraging that this thread got so few responses. I was sure that if the answer were simple, obvious, or lol-easy, then half the forum would have taken the opportunity to mock my stupidity.

    Moving to his right and checking intently for tells is good advice. Though, I kind of already knew that. I was hoping someone here might have a bolder plan.

    For example, what do we think of moving to his right, and stealing his thunder? In other words, just start squeeze shoving ourselves. If he's gonna force the game to be played on his terms, then why not just meet him there but do it better?

    I agree that I'm gonna have to play for stacks with thin edges. I can live with that. The bigger problem is how his style of play influences everyone else at the table. Any ideas on how to get the fish to be less afraid and not let this guy dictate the tone at the table?
  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    edited July 2016
    I don't think u are ever going to change the fishes opinion of this player as for "stealing this players thunder" that has a lot of danger and needs to be done carefully so the other players don't trap u so I hate the strategy for the most part, only if in like a 3 way pot and u can tell both this guy and the other player in the pot have marginal holdings they will fold do I think it is an ok play and at that when in that spot why not just raise an amount u will get called when u have the best hand?
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