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Overpair in a multi-way pot

Saturday night at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh

Full-ring game, $1/$3 100 BB cap

V1 SB ($350): No history. Played many hands pre. Fairly passive post. Has folded to all previous pre-flop 3-bets.

V2 BB ($520): Hero has some history w/ villain. Plays trashy hands in position aggressively. Chases draws until the river (weak or strong). Tends to c/r anything over 1-pair if OOP. Recently stacked opponent after raising and 4-betting all-in w/ QJs UTG. Out-flopped pocket 9s

V3 UTG ($380): No history. He's re-bought 4 times in the 2 hrs I've been at the table. Seems to over-commit w/ top pair.

Hero UTG+1 ($465): Winning image. Only went to showdown with 4 hands, showing premium holdings. 3-bet at least 5-6 hands during session, only one went to showdown. Has not limped unless in the blind. This will be the 3rd straight hand I raise.

V3 in UTG raises to $10. Hero in UTG+1 raises to $30 w/ K K . Folds to V1 and V2 who call in the blinds.

Pot after rake: $115

Flop: 2 8 2

Action checks to Hero who C-bets $45.

Considerations for small c-bet: V1 and V3 tend to think in absolute rather than relative $$. Encouraging smaller pocket pairs to call or even raise, as well as pull in some broadway combos that are willing to peel. Also, I feel any standard c-bet of say $75-90 will scare off anything but possibly Nut flush draws and 99+.

V1 practically min-raises to $100. Both V2 and V3 call. Pot is $460

Hero? Is this a shove? What are we up against?

Stacks are:
V1 $220
V2 $390
V3 $250
H $390 remaining



  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    I may 3 bet a little bigger pre but 30 is fine.

    I actually like the small bet. Don't really need protection and can still easily get stacks in later. AP I would just call and put it in on turns
  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    edited July 2016
    A lot of smaller over pairs and flush draws an occasional 8 some 2"s but not many because of preflop action v1 and v2 are most likely to have a 2 here ...88 is very much in the weeds still as well but because there is such a tendency at this level for players to show up with random wierd hands I like trying to get it in here so a shove or call and all in on turn is beauty .... With this preflop action I am ok if I am beat by a 2 or 88 But I think most often u are against hands like medium pairs (over pairs to board)& flush draws .... Just my opinion.
  • Rocketman74Rocketman74 Posts: 451Subscriber
    V1 is describes as passive post. I guess he could have 99+ sure BUT you did 3bet (and you also might have induced this with your small cbet)
    V2 chases so this could be a FD
    V3 would appear to be terrible

    Call, you have position but my spidey sense is tingling
  • squints4412 Posts: 3Subscriber
    I had trouble coming up with any deuces in their ranges - I could only possibly justify A2s, but now there's only 2 combos of that. Not sure it's worth 10BB out of the blinds. Pocket pairs still in the mix, and possibly A Q - A 10 (because the casino does Royal FD promotions, all paying over $2k at the time) , and still some AK's specifically for V1 in the SB. (Does this seem reasonable?)

    I thought that I was ahead of most ranges in this situation, thinking I only lose to obviously AA and 88. I would imagine AA would have been evident by now, so immediately discounted that hand. Also, I did make the small c-bet thinking it possibly could induce a bluff. At this point, I felt comfortable punishing any flush draw, and removing pocket aces. Felt only the few combos of 88s would cooler me.

    Hero shoves. V1 folds after about 20 seconds. V2 and V3 snap call one after the other.

    V2 shows 2 5 for trip 2s - didn't see that coming!
    V3 shows 8 8 for a flopped full house.

    Board runs out 9× 4×
  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    Seems reasonable when our opponents are playing a reasonable range, clearly not the case here... In low stake games when players are stuck .... 2 5 off out of position for 3 bets gets in people's ranges ... Part of what makes poker profitable and part of what makes poker frustrating
    by 1dpbuck
  • TaintBDTaintBD Posts: 244Subscriber
    I do not like the small flop cbet -- low stakes is all about Value, so bet larger. Also, as Bart points out, smaller sizing causes confusion by indicating weakness and so the villains' actions cannot be accurately interpreted.
    Had you raised to $75-$90 as cbet, you could have bet-folded when 25 and or full house came over top.
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