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2-5 100 BB Capped Game

Jstevens1118 Posts: 13Subscriber
edited July 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
My local game is a 2-5 500 cap. Game generally plays tighter early on with most buying in at 40-50 BB's and half the table or more are older regulars that generally play nitty. Feel I have an edge against most but often times hard to extract value. Game widens later in the day and at night but my personal life makes it easier to play during the day. Is this a profitable game long term and any tips on exploiting games such as these?


  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    Probably gona have to start bluffing a little more. Just find out where people are unbalanced "Folding too much" and exploit them
  • Jstevens1118 Posts: 13Subscriber
    Still relatively new to this site and only a few sessions in of implementing steategies. Finding double barreling bluffs tough at the proper bet sizing. I'm either leaving 1 pot size bet left for other 100 BB's or 2nd barrel is putting the short stacks all in. Is this more a straight forward approach until I can get above 150-200 BB's?
  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    Bluffing when u have a good image and playing extra tight on a bad image once u win up to 150-200bb then open up a bit and make more moves
  • lauxen Posts: 95Subscriber
    These games are what I struggle with the most. People play 5-10% of their hands with 50-100bbs and fold to any aggression unless they have it.

    So rough. I wouldn't play holdem anymore if I had to play in these type of games every day.

    I'm sure they're beatable, but probably not for much, and it'll be mind numbing at that. It's different if they're loose pre and passive, that's a good situation. Tight/passive is the nut low.

    If you choose to play in these, you better really love poker! Sorry I can't help more.

  • TaintBDTaintBD Posts: 244Subscriber
    Have to disagree -- you have described my usual game and it can be profitable!!

    My strategy is to remember that this 2/5 game is about Value-only. Bluffing these fish is pointless because they have adapted to my style -- which was to cbet/double barrel as Bart teaches. They view me as overly aggressive and 'only know how to bet'.

    The 100bb cap creates awkward stack sizes so you do not have the depth to make moves. I have adapted Bart's overlimping rule -- overlimp over 2 or more limpers, raise over 1 limper with hands I would raise in EP. I have adapted Tucks rule of rarely playing OOP. I have adopted Millers rule of never open limping.

    Playing this game takes patience, but these 2/5 are weak-passive with a high propensity to limp-call preflop, stay sticky on flop cbets, and hold on for dear life and chase their draws.

    When you hit you can rake in big pots. When you miss you can take advantage of position and bet-sizing tells to scoop pots.

    BTW -- BEWARE the limp-reraise AA/KK/QQ/AK!!!! They love that move
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