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pushing nut flush draw against aggresive opponent

Dunga Posts: 2Subscriber
edited July 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
HI Guys new to site and first post

playing a 5/10 game in Spain have stack of $1500
Am in seat 3 have AJ Diamonds make it $30
three callers including villain who is on button with $2500 stack , he is an action reg in this game likes playing big pots quite wide range

Flop 2D 5D 8S

I make it $70 cut off calls and villain on button makes it $200 so now approx $350 in pot

I dwell for a while and re-raise to $510 cut off folds and button shoves

I call

He turns over 10s 10d

turn and river blank he wins pot

Interested in if I played this too aggressively or took right line getting my stack in



  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    edited July 2016
    I don't mind it u are favoured but I would of liked it better if you could of made him call your all in bet rather then u call his bet. I honestly like a ship better over his $200.00
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    I agree with Jason here. If you plan to stack off make sure you get the last bet in. Another play you can do is just call his raise, then on the turn XRAI vs him.

    Pot will be $350 and if he bets $200 on the turn that has him putting in $430 in the pot of his own money and an easy CRAI for you. But if he tends to bet large I wouldn't.

    Now the 2nd thing is that if this player NEVER folds an overpair like this and you believe that is his hand then calling is a higher +EV play. You X-C if you miss and bet if you hit the turn. It also depends if he pays off. The point is you risk less for similar results.

    #1 shoving blows out his FDs.
    #2 since his hand would be face up you can just call for your odds.

    He might be an action player but it doesn't mean he is good.
  • Dab44 Posts: 408Subscriber
    You should have bet flop larger or checked.
    Would you bet 70 into a lot of ~125 on this board with your Overpairs?? I think not
    You are basically repping over pairs. 70 looks more like a NFD trying to "build a pot".
    As played, I dont mind just calling the 200 & evaluating..This guy could have all the sets & some two pair combos. He could also, have some big combo draws, which we crush.
    I would probably just call the 200 & see what develops..
    If we choose to 3! The flop we must use a large sizing..510 is not good. We should be making it at least ~900. We aren't accomplishing much with a 3! Other than hoping he will fold a hand like he had 1010 or JJ (which we block).
    We want to keep in his weaker draws so I think flatting the 200 is optimal.
  • pokertime Posts: 2,180Subscriber
    I agree with others. It's one thing if your the aggressor making the last bet as a semi bluff. I guess the math says you just go for it but I think in spots like this where it's really just FD w/overs you don't need to push the action so much and call someone else's all in. Maybe save that for when you actually have a pair or SD to go with a FD.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    first... welcome to CLP

    next - as played, i think you did fine.
    but would be curious to know what range you put V on?

    since we've got nothing but a draw and we're oop
    I think I would have preferred to put A J in my check/raise range on the flop.
    ( results might have been the same....)

    but as it turns out - you've got 2 overs and the nut flush - you're favored to win.
    you played this hand in a high-variance style - but that doesn't make it bad (as long as you're consistent when similar situations arise)
  • Dunga Posts: 2Subscriber
    Have some history with this Reg he has very wide range and love playing draws aggressively. He never raised pre on button which he normally would with a bigger pair so just felt he had some form of 2 pair or pair and draw , in fact after the hand felt 10 10 was slightly on the weaker end of his range
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    Remember he who shoves last offering 2:1 to the opponent has the largest advantage. Even if he is some bad lag in general they will play accidentally correct.

    They will either have LOTS of outs vs have you crushed and they just removed your ability to shove from you. Their decision is done. Now you are damned if you fold and damned if you call. They really don't care either way if you call or fold.
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