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$1/$3 line check with combo draw

irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
V1: young female reg w/ $200 in EP. She brings a hand written note card w/ poker guidelines for her to follow but she never does follow it. She plays too LP pre & overvalues hands post.
V2: mid aged reg w/ $300 to my immediate right. This is his 1st hand at the table. Plays pretty ABC, a little too LP post. Tends to overvalue overpairs to the flop.
Preflop: 5 handed limped pot. I have A 7 in MP. My image is neutral.
Pot: $15
Flop: 6 5 3 .
The SB leads for $11 w/ $800 stack. He will do this with any pair or draw. Tired old man w/ $1k calls in the BB. V1 calls. V2 raises to $35 (pot is about $75). I call. I don't think there's much fold equity & I want to keep worse draws in the hand.
Folds around to V1 who then ships for $175 more ($285). V2 thinks for a bit then calls ($460).
I decide to ship for about $85 more (about $250 total). I was getting about 2.5:1, which I thought was the correct odds even if I know V2 has a set or 2 pair.
How would you have played this hand?


  • Rocketman74Rocketman74 Posts: 451Subscriber
    I'd iso pre

    as played (pre) I'd 3bet V2 as I'm getting this in all day er day. You possibly have more FE than you think and you have so much actual equity anyway that nothing should worry you (and worse draws will come along for the ride.)
  • pokertime Posts: 2,180Subscriber
    I raise PF. I don't mind the way you played flop as you are looking to get it in and the more money in the pot the better. I don't even think you should be using fold equity as a reason. You just want to act weak and hope people shovel money in. You should be shoving turn no matter what anyhow. Shoving flop actually looks a little like a draw so you probably get called anyhow.
  • NoPressureNoDiamonds Posts: 1Subscriber
    I raise PF, as played, I think you played it fine.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    edited July 2016
    I probably wouldn't have iso'd pre from MP
    from CO or BUT maybe - but not MP

    I probably would have 3-bet the 35 flop raise to 135
    your logic for keeping worse draws in makes sense - but it also means that you're encouraging folks with any pair to stay in, and since we ain't even got a pair - I'd want to shut them out if possible!
    e.g., if 88 limped and bet flop - I'd want him out allowing both my cards pairing to win me the hand in addition to any 4 or (although, I imagine most 4's are calling here so the 7 would help them more than us)

    but once it's all said and done - looks like you're getting the right odds to call
    don't see anything that's glaringly wrong or fishy
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