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Bart on Stones Live Poker 8/8/16 7:00PM PT / 10:00 PM ET

BartBart Posts: 5,957AdministratorLeadPro
Bart will be on Stones Live Poker tonight at 7:00PM PT over at twitch.tv/stoneslivepoker

Game with be a 5-5 PLO. You can watch the broadcast after the fact at https://www.twitch.tv/stoneslivepoker/profile


  • A_A Posts: 30Member
    edited August 2016
    Bart, I am curious to know what was the bottom of your calling range against Valerie (the nut flush hand). Do you think she was polarized (bare Ac or nuts) or did she have also K high flush in the range?

    Also, were you betting if checked to?
  • BartBart Posts: 5,957AdministratorLeadPro
    edited August 2016
    I don't think she ever had the K hi flush there no..I called because I also had the J in my hand and the board was Q9x with 2 clubs. So I couldn't figure a hand out where I had QJcc where she would check raise the flop that contained the nut flush draw except if it was say 99 A X But I wasn't sure that if she had that hand she would push the turn. She also could have had A K× J× T I guess. Notice I don't think she would have A K because of the turn + River bet sizing.

    She ended up having a strange A T Q× 3× which is an odd check raise on the flop.

    Again the entire thing could be a level as she may never be bluffing there. But the fact that I held the J blocked some of those flush draw + wraps.
  • A_A Posts: 30Member
    edited August 2016
    She ended up having a strange A♣ T♣ Q× 3× which is an odd check raise on the flop.
    Actually I like her c/r on the flop. She blocks QQ and you probably don't play a whole lot of 99 hands in PLO, so she is charging all the worse flush draws and wraps which she is ahead of (says me after seeing whole cards :D)
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