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PLO - How much do you pot control?

wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I notice in PLO I pot control like crazy - ie I Chk call a lot more than I would in holdem. Is the correct? For example if I have the nut flush draw but nothing else goign on and there's 2 -3 others in the pot I will chk call vs betting like I would in holdem because I don't want to get raised off my draw. I'll do this on 2 streets most of the time. Is this correct? Whats your thoughts on pot control in omaha?


  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    I don't have a general answer as it's situational -- depends on stack sizes, opponents, board texture etc. But I do think that since the nuts are feared more in PLO then in hold 'em, there can be good opportunities to bet your draws rather than pot control. I would generally argue that you should look for those FE opportunities to bet where the nuts are not in their likely range, but they may think the nuts is in yours. Good for your stack and your image if they fold, and you still have your draw equity if they call.
  • cl0r0x70 Posts: 27Member
    I basically never pot control in PLO.

    The closest I come to pot control is maybe simply calling a flop against a bad player with a big made hand. I do this if I know that the bad player will stick his stack in with just one card to come with his big draw.

    The Fundamental Theory of Poker still holds true: we make money when our opponents make mistakes. Our opponent being willing to flip for stacks is not a mistake. Our opponent taking the wrong end of a 70/30 on the turn of the same hand is.
  • This is really a situation where "it depends". If commonly guys will cbet fold hands then you can definitely drive draws if you think there is fold equity. However, the bare nut flush draw is rarely a hand that is strong enough to drive in PLO.

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