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General PLO Discussion

ParryGripp Posts: 3Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I have wanted to get a good PLO discussion thread going for a while that is primarily geared toward 1/2 to 2/5 full ring games that are commonly spread in cardrooms. While 2+2 has a couple of PLO forums, those forums seem almost entirely geared toward 6-max online play, which is clearly an extremely different game.

I play in two different live games:

1. .25/.50, 10-seat, $40 minimum/$200 maximum buy-in with a $1 straddle. I know what you're thinking - this game is way too small to be worthwhile to play live. However, it's played on a PokerPro electronic table which commonly plays 35-40 hands/hour and given the large potential buy-in and straddle, this game can play very large. $100-$200 stacks are the norm and $500+ stacks are common.

2. 1/2, 9-seat, $50 minimum/$300 maximum buy-in with a $5 straddle. This game also plays large but is slow, usually only getting in around 15-18 hands per hour.

Both games play in a way that I would liken to the PartyPoker .50/1 limit hold 'em games in 2003-2005 (i.e., almost everybody wants to see the flop with literally almost any hand, and often for a raise). There are players in the game who will raise with an extremely wide range of hands, with or without position. Nobody seems to give any regard to position at all. Nobody begins to understand the hand structure analysis in Jeff Hwang's "Pot-Limit Omaha Poker: The Big Play Strategy".

That said, I know I have holes in my game and that I am making big mistakes. After running very well when I first started playing, I have now had a long break-even stretch. Part of this is bad play, and part of this is also players within the game adjusting somewhat to my image in the game, which is that of a very good player who generally has it when he bets. I find myself getting an enormous amount of respect in this game, which is leading to me wanting to open up my game and float/bluff in certain spots.

What I want to do in this thread is discuss hands played in these types of games, as I am sure that these types of games are common in other areas as well. The volume of live hands that I am seeing in particularly the electronically dealt game should lead to discussion of a lot of unique spots.


  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    That'd be awesome, post up some hands!
  • PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    That sounds really interesting. I would also like to discuss some hands. I can try to think back to some hands I played several months ago at PLO, but I'm afraid I'll remember them incorrectly and in PLO it's so important to have the precise board runout and images correct.

    The problem I have with PLO where I play is that it doesn't run super regularly. It will run on the weekend or maybe one other day a week, but even then it doesn't get started until later at night and I usually play days. It also plays pretty big, which can be tough as I'm not super heavily rolled for $2/5 200-1000 anyway.

    I've tried jumping between NLHE and either PLO or Omaha 8/B when I see games I like, but it's just hard for me to reset my brain that quickly when the game finally goes.

    Do you guys that play PLO have a regular daily PLO game or do you mix it up? If so, do you come every day with the game you want to play in mind, or do you just figure it out when you get there?
  • ParryGripp Posts: 3Member
    Played .25/.50 tonight. I'm working on getting some hand histories to be more exact, but there was a hand early on that I was curious about and I took some rough notes.

    The game has just gotten started and is 7-handed. I am MP with ~$100 effective stacks.

    Two limps to me and I raise to $3. I get 5 callers. AdiamondKdiamondK5

    (~$17) Jclub9club8heart

    Generally passive old player in BB bets $5. One caller to me and I fold. I can't see how I'm drawing to anything but another K which is probably not often good even when it does hit.

    A hand later on had me at another table with shorter effective stacks of about $60. I cover the table and I am UTG with AheartJclubTheart6heart. Table is 9-handed and generally passive preflop with one raise max. Almost never a re-pot.

    I open for $1.50.

    How is this preflop?
  • ParryGripp Posts: 3Member
    PokerIsFrustrating said

    Do you guys that play PLO have a regular daily PLO game or do you mix it up? If so, do you come every day with the game you want to play in mind, or do you just figure it out when you get there?
    I have two options for poker where I am. One gets the PLO game off literally every day and sometimes gets 2 or 3 tables going. The other gets their $1/$2 game off almost every night and definitely on the weekends.

    So yes, generally, I have what I want to play in mind when I walk out the door, and it's almost always Omaha for the past few months.

    I agree that the change is difficult, but while I find it hard to go from PLO to NLHE, I find it very easy to go from NLHE to PLO because the games I play in are generally very loose passive where the NLHE games can be aggressive.
  • PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    I'm not very good at PLO, but I don't really like the AJT6hhh open UTG. 9 handed you're not going to flop good a ton and you're OOP.
  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Parry I agree with your fold in hand one. I am ok with the open in hand 2, although the dangler and position isn't great, you do have nutty straight and flush possibilities on your hand. Where I play, PLO runs maybe once per week or less, so I generally play it if it's going on.
  • Derek Posts: 44Subscriber
    I don't really like the utg open AJT6hhh either. Your really playing a 3 card hand in bad position and have one of your own flush outs. If it's a really passive game maybe a limp is ok but definitely not a raise. If you open that hand and get 3bet you don't want to call.
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