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Vegas hotel/flight tips

Hey guys,

I think I might have a huge leak when it comes to booking flight and reservations for vegas. I just use expedia.com since I can get a flight hotel package in one, and the prices look lower than if i reserved from the airline and the hotel separately. But I am sure this is not the best "play", just been too lazy to do more research... Does anyone have tips on where else to book etc?


  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    edited September 2016
    I know the Harrah's properties guarantee the lowest rates if you book directly through them. I'll bet everyone else does the same thing. It's probably close though.

    Most strip properties either belong to harrah's or MGM. If you're seeking to get deals, stick to one or the other. Don't spread your action between the two. Make sure you get all of your comp credits or whatever from one source. Also, you might want to ask a host or someone what kind of nuanced fuckery they pull with their points system. Like if you play at Ceasars, and then go across the street to Flamingo (both Harrah's) and play...they might count it as two "trips" and average your points "per trip" even though they were in earned in the same day, on the same card. That's just a hypothetical example. Please check with the actual properties for confirmation. But I have heard of places that do this from more than one source, so I'm pretty sure they exist.

    Also....my personal experience.....I am batting 1.000 when I use the $20 trick at check-in.
  • A_A Posts: 30Member
    Can you elaborate on this 1.000 -> $20 trick?

    I don't play any table/slot games with some minor exception of craps and blackjack when I am surrounded with drunk friends, but absolutely no slots. is there any +EV play in playing some slot/video poker for comps? this time I am going there with my dad and he doesn't play real poker so we are gonna be table games degens so any comp edge play tip is mucho appreciated :)
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    The $20 trick works on one simple premise: there is ALWAYS a better room.

    When you check in, the agent will ask for your ID and a credit card. Hand them to the agent with a $20 bill sandwiched inside. As you hand over the $20-sandwich, ask "are there any complimentary upgrades available today?"

    If there are, and there always are, the agent will take your $20, thank you, and proceed to check you into a room that is better than the one you booked. More square footage, a better view....etc.

    It is my understanding that if there is no upgrade available, the agent will return the $20. However, that's never happened to me. I've always got the upgrade.
  • A_A Posts: 30Member
    Thanks a lot man!
  • JamesSuh Posts: 319Subscriber
    Good tip Banana. There's a long thread on 2p2 that goes over it, but he pretty much nails it. I'm like 3/5 or so when trying it.

    With all the hotels charging resort fees, how about doing Airbnb? Could be a cheaper option. Also, where are you flying from?
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