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Best Cash Games In Vegas

Hi All

I'm arriving in Vegas this Thursday the 22nd. We are staying in the Venetian & are looking for the best cash games to play. we will also plan to play the $250k GTD in the Venetian this weekend too.
Last time we were in vegas we stayed in Bellagio and hard rock, we found the Bellagio very nitty and lots of regs. The hard rock was good, more players having fun drinking etc and generally looser willing to gamble more.

Any info much appreciated.


  • AJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    You should sent Rob Farha (one of the site pros) a PM asking this. He normally regs the Bellagio, but knows a lot about Vegas and seems to really enjoy answering these types of questions.
  • Luckycharms74 Posts: 8Subscriber
    edited September 2016
    Oh great thanks for that Ajoff, maybe I'll PM him

    Edit: I can't find him on the forums :(
  • AJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    He is pretty active in some of the threads for his podcast. It's called "The Grind".
  • Luckycharms74 Posts: 8Subscriber
    Ahh ok cool I'll check that out now.
  • bigsixy26 Posts: 7Subscriber
    MGM is a place with more rec players, more of a party atmosphere.
  • Luckycharms74 Posts: 8Subscriber
    Thanks for all the replies guys.

    It was my 1st live cash game since vegas in 2014 and I was pretty rusty (made some bad plays/calls/folds), therefore didn't make money :(

    I played Venetian 1st 2 nights to get my hours allocation for the poker rate for our stay. ( I didn't like the room, it was more like a conference centre room, most players not full stacked either)

    Then played Aria (very nice room more willing to gamble)

    Then played the new room at the wynn (nice room but my table had 5 pros who raise limpers, 3 bet etc)

    From what I saw in Vegas the standard Is much higher than I had envisaged, Is that the general consensus for 1/2 NL in vegas.

    My buddy played PLO and he made money, the 1/2 game in Venetian played like 1/2/5.
    One hand was 3 way with $4000 pot on the flop ...lol

    I think maybe I should learn PLO properly as well :)

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