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Is this always a fold or we good some of the time ?

Bellagio 2-5 500cap The villain in this hand was an Asian lady who in the to Orbitz I was at the table she played about 75% of hands she opens UTG2 25 I’m on her immediate left and 3-Bet A♠A❤ to 80 it folds back to her and she flat calls 165 in the pot the flop is Q♣T♣6♦ V check l bet 80 V jams I started to hand with 500 V Covers me by little bit the pot is 325 and 340 to call I put her on a range of 99+ A♣K♣ maybe A♣J♣ l call in the final board is Q♣T♣6♦7♦J❤ is this always a fold ? She had played so many hands but when I recreational player makes an aggressive action like this they usually have I would love some feedback on this thanks.


  • RagingOwlRagingOwl Posts: 172Member
    100BB's deep, AA heads-up in a 3-bet pot......

    I think I'm always going broke here.
  • A_A Posts: 30Member
    No brainer call. Is she has QT or 66 so be it. she is doing this shove with so much worse from a single Q pair to all the draws that are present.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,290Subscriber
    edited July 2018
    $660 pot
    $340 call

    We don't have Ac. Call.

    Only fold if you are certain she would only do this with sets only and NEVER spazz shove.
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