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$1-$2 Turn decisions

Hero on BTN had not played many hands and has $255-MP limps $200 (had been limping calling alot of raises) Hero raises to $12 with Ac Qd(typically raises to $10)+1 added $2..Folds to BB who calls $150(also another calling station and wanted to see flops) Pot$30
Flop:8d8c2h-Check-check-Hero bets $20-I dont see a reason to bet to large here since I know if either callers have a pair they are not folding. BB folds and MP calls.
What cards are we barreling and what cards are we checking back.


  • alecspade Posts: 69Subscriber
    I like to size up preflop against people who are stations at the $2 blind level, so I might have made it $15 here. No big deal, but something to consider with these guys.

    Flop bet size is fine.

    Honestly I would consider going for a triple barrel here with any run out. Use your range advantage and put his pocket 4s or whatever to the test for two more streets. Bet $60 and set up a river shove.

  • BartBart Posts: 5,897AdministratorLeadPro
    I like to play this type of board as a delayed double barrel quite a bit. A lot of players in your spot will check back almost any turn pot controlling vs an 8, so even if a card comes that hits your range hard as a barrel, you can check back, say a K and then bet the river. Same thing if it comes rag turn, then a card above a T. Not many take the bet-check-bet line as a bluff and it gets a lot of credit.

    Do a filter search in videos and podcasts on "Delayed Double barrel" and I talk about this concept quite a bit. Bart
  • Latrell1515 Posts: 235Subscriber
    I have to listen since I always thought when a overcard came it was a perfect double barrel card, checking and then betting would make the player think we were full of shit and get called down light?
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