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A3s on the Straddle

JredA Posts: 60Subscriber
$2/5. $500 Max Buy In.

Game has been very slow and tight. Someone proposed 1 round of $10 UTG straddles to liven the game up and everyone agreed. The game is 7 handed.

Hero is the UTG straddle with $625 behind and A 3

First to act (LJ) makes it $35 off a $450 stack.

- A straight forward tight regular.

BTN calls off $650.

- Has only played a few hands and I have yet to see any showdowns.

I have 2 questions in this hand and this is the first:

1. Is this a fold pre due to the short stacks?

If we were deeper this hand would fall into my 3-bet range a large percentage of the time. Since we were so short I didn't want to 3-bet and get called creating a large pot post flop and short SPR's.

I called, but I think its a fold?

Flop ($105) = 2 6 5

I ch. LJ makes it $100. BTN tank calls.

Question #2:

Is our only play a jam here?


  • alecspade Posts: 70Subscriber
    Definitely just a call preflop, you are getting over 3-1.

    We have tons of equity against these perceived ranges, so yeah we should be looking to stuff money in right now. Even if someone has a set we are only about a 2-1 dog.
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 165Subscriber
    I dont think we have any fold equity VS an ABC tight reg when they pot it here. The first caller gives us direct odds to call our 12 to 15 outs one time. I'd imagine it's close just getting it in here, but I want to point out we can call too if we don't want to run flips.

  • BartBart Posts: 5,920AdministratorLeadPro
    I don't think that this hand is a 3 bet from the straddle a "large majority of the time". ITs a perfect hand to call. You are supposed to be very tight in this spot with your 3 bets closing the action and from my understanding quite polar with a concentration on value. With these stacks and the quality of your straight draw with an overcard I am happy to jam here. You have a mountain of equity vs a hand like 99-KK and there is a bunch of dead money out there. Bart
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