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$1-2 is this a bad line with KK

nlhood1 Posts: 12Subscriber
$1-2 pretty loose game. There is a $4 straddle on the button from a super loose calling station who has been raising about half of his straddles to $9 or $10. SB folds. BB calls the $4 and it folds around to me in the LJ. I raise to $20 expecting to get called by BB who calls everything and the button. CO(Main Villain) calls, Button folds and BB calls. So 3 to the flop

Effective stack is Hero $225. CO has about $350 and $BB has a fresh $300 he just reloaded

Flop: Q 9 6

Hero: KdKc

BB checks
H bets $30 and CO(V) calls. BB folds

Turn is a J.

Board: Q 9 6 J

I chose to check in the spot because in this game ive seen quite a few continuation bets called and then when the bettor checks, the caller will usually throw out a small bet with top pair and draw type hands. So my plan is to check raise this turn and try to get value from some AQ, KQ, QT, JT, spade draw type hands.

Villain does exactly this and bets $40.

I check raise all in. Villain tanks for roughly 3 minutes. Then proceeds to ask me if have queens and says this would be sick. He ends up making the call

River is an 8 and he rolls over J J for a turned set. Not sure why he tanked for so long and he nearly mucked twice

My question is should i be taking this line with KK in this spot. Or should i just continue betting the turn and to what sizing and just folding if he raises the turn. If i do check raise is there any check raise to make other than all in. Should i just play this as a call(i doubt this but i could be wrong)

Personally i think this is just a cooler but if it is a mistake id rather not continue making it.


  • alecspade Posts: 69Subscriber
    Just keep betting, no need for fancy plays at this level, as you can see you lost the max where its possible you don't by just betting your hand. If this guy is in the tank with a set here, he may not even raise the turn, and the action may just shut down once the 8 hits, but if you get raised by this player, one pair can never be good.
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 72Subscriber
    Would agree with Alecspade above. You should be barreling that turn. If he raises turn, it's still a call and evaluate the river... and that's a bad river for your range. KK is not strong enough to check-raise the turn since that will only get worse to fold and better to call.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,897AdministratorLeadPro
    The stacks are such that the turn play becomes fairly close. Just realize that with a deeper SPR you don't want to be playing KK in this manner on this board. Bart
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