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Flopping middle Pair as PFR or Caller in position

Having a hard time finding material on the site-ex" $2-$5 all stacks at $500..3 limpers and Hero raises Btn to $35 with A 10 and 2 call..flop is Q 10 2 Pot is $115 Checks to Hero..This flop hist my range as PFR more than callers and I would assume a $50 bet would be good? Yes/No?
2nd Ex:UTG+2 raises to $20 CO calls and hero Calls on Btn with 7 8 Pot $60
Flop is J 7 3 Checks to Hero..Now this to me is a bit different because of all the over cards that come so I think a bet of $40 a tad bigger would be in order.
I TOTALLY realize that actual hands will be better once I start playing again but looking for some general thoughts or particular PODS or video's that can help me with this concept. Thanks


  • alecspade Posts: 69Subscriber
    edited May 1
    In Hand 1, I think this flop texture is somewhat neutral between your range and theirs. We can be raising pretty wide here and don't necessarily have to have like, UTG or +1 ranges to be raising here. They are going to have a lot of hands like T9s, QJo, and such (along with the small pairs, suited rag Aces, etc). I would definitely be betting the flop for value as we'll almost surely get called by anyone with a T and possibly by those pairs that put us on AK. The Q being the diamond is also good for us obviously.

    Hand 2 would definitely be a bet for both protection and value.
  • Latrell1515 Posts: 235Subscriber
    Okay, were on same page..ty
  • BartBart Posts: 5,897AdministratorLeadPro
    Just to add a small note, because both of these hands have a bd flush draw they are both better to bet than when you don't have the bd flush draw. So if you think a spot is close to betting or checking look for these little extra details. Bart
  • Superfly Posts: 263Subscriber
    In the first hand I don’t think you have that strong of a range advantage given multiway config, LP raise and board. I think Qx falls into a lot of small stakes limpers range. They might raise AK but limp AQo or KQ.

    I would cbet 30% on flop and multibarrel turns that increase your equity like diamonds, checking back on blanks.
  • Latrell1515 Posts: 235Subscriber
    I also threw the clubs on both flops to give a bit more equity for our hands to see what the comments would be..So yes all those new added details that I have been learning and getting my head space heading in the right direction..These were hypothetical hands I made up so good that we're all on same page..SO glad to be back here
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