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10/20 Private Game

JABrewer Posts: 6Subscriber
Villian seems solid over the last hour. Haven't played with him before at this home game, but is sitting on a $2k stack and hasn't gotten out of line at all.

Hero is in MP and opens to $70 with A J, villain is only caller.

Flop ($170): K 9 2

H bets $60, V calls.

Turn ($290): 7

H bets $180, V calls.

River ($650): A



  • JABrewer Posts: 6Subscriber
    Forgot to mention that he is the effective stack.
  • raspaz Posts: 9Member
    edited May 13
    We have an absurd amount of bluffs on this runout (QJ, JT, J8s, T8s, 54hh, 65hh etc etc)

    It's also nice having hearts as we unblock his poor bluffcatchers (eg we can have more fds)

    I think this is a mandatory bet. Sizing is the question.

    Can see merits to betting 1/3 with a wider value range (eg KQ) to get crying calls from Kx and 9xhh, or going pot and betting Ax+.

    Also generally sims will check/call this board on the flop vs an IP cold call, but betting 1/3 seems ok too. Just a consideration.

  • johnjscott1296 Posts: 2Subscriber
    I was thinking around $350-$400. I believe he will still call almost the same amount of his kings as if you were to bet 1/3 pot.
    Betting pot might fold out some of his weak kings.
  • Superfly Posts: 321Subscriber
    This is a terrible card for V. Even if he put you on FD, he has to recognize that the nut FD now beats him. And you have all the AK. I don’t see much point in betting anything that looks like value here - I think he will fold. So I would size my bet according to how I would bet with the non-nut FD when a scare card for the V hits the river. Close to PSB - $500. But it’s pretty V dependent as well as being dependent on your own image.
  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    What raspaz said is great. I would mix in both a x/c and a bet here.
    Sizing depends on villain. Since he’s a solid anywhere from 1/3 to pot size is good bet.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
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