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  • Dave love under the guy
    Please comment on my post 1/2nl "flopping 2 pair out of the blinds"
    Villian some how has KK in this spot in the CO
    January 2016
  • MrFizzbin

    First of all the under the gun podcast has been great, I have a 1 hour commute and your podcast has been great to listen to, it's in the mix with This American Life and The Ted Radio Hour from NPR.

    Just a suggestion, if you are working for Sky Sports in London look at booking some extra time to do UTG podcasts with European based talent, like Victoria Coren, James Hartigan, German euro pros, Tony G, who's in Lithuania but the time difference between London & Lithuania better than California.

    Also will you have Ty Stewart or Jack Effel on before the series ???
    May 2015
    • MrFizzbin
      Also you might want to add a suggest a guest thread in the UTG forum...
    • MrFizzbin
      Add Tattytats to the list....
    • MrFizzbin
      In light of the Player of the year controversy perhaps scheduling Jess Wellman would be a good idea...
    • DavidTuchman
      Thanks buddy!!! So glad you like them...I'm still working out all the kinks.
  • Hey David,

    When you get a break from finding the Aficomen (no chance that spelling is correct), do you mind commenting on the PLO vs Holdem Winrate thread in the PLO Strat forums. I'm curious to hear your take on it. Thx bud and Happy Pesach.
    April 2015
    • DavidTuchman
      Sorry, I'm not sure why, but I never saw this...what was your question?
  • Hi David, The hand you just posted is similar to a hand I had recently -- exact same board, but no flush draw; and the board paired on the end. http://forums.crushlivepoker.com/discussion/2490/510-check-value-bet-or-bluff-my-straight-on-the-river-in-a-big-pot#Item_15 Anyhow, I really appreciate all your great posts and analysis. Best, Steve
    March 2014
    • DavidTuchman
      thanks for the kind words! best of luck to you
  • Hi David, I didn't want to hijack your thread, but the hand you posted reminded me somewhat of a hand I just posted -- same flop, but rainbow, and the board paired on the river. http://forums.crushlivepoker.com/discussion/2490/510-check-value-bet-or-bluff-my-straight-on-the-river-in-a-big-pot#Item_15 Thanks as always for the great posts and analysis. Steve
    March 2014
    • DavidTuchman
      yeah, obviously some differences, but I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. Sometimes unconventional play can be hard to figure out
  • Thanks for commenting on my post about check raising a field bettor. I don't want to revive it if it's not super interesting. I play tight and get a tight image. You'd think people don't pay attention, but I do get called a nit a lot and my raises get a ton of respect. Therefore I think if I basically never bluff I am losing value. But if I am playing "correctly" preflop I am basically almost never calling $25/$30 raises with hands that "have equity" when a field player bets. So unfortunately it kinda leaves me needing to find the right spots to raise with little equity (i.e. missed PP). I guess that's not a good spot, but with a hand like 22 that misses there really is no flop where I have "equity" so it's really just a matter of can I get guys to fold.
    January 2014
    • DavidTuchman
      no pun intended, but yeah, it can be frustrating. Try to get a feel for your opponents and if you think it's the right time, go with it. Trust your instincts. Just don't go into a hand with the premeditated idea that you should bluff....

      Let it come to you.

      Hope that helps and best of luck!!!

      - tuck