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  • Hey man I'd really appreciate the help you've been giving me and I also use a poker Journal like you recommend starting back when I was still playing in Minnesota. I found it helpful, I take notes mostly on my own playing and when I see an opponent do something I think is exploitable. I'm still a little confused in some spots and definitely missed some opportunities by not taking the optimal line. I thought maybe I could either text you or personal msg you on here about some of the smaller less exciting hands. I'm a little embarrassed to be posting some hands on the message boards because I don't want people to think I'm either an idiot or spamming or nitpicking my hand histories too much. from what you have posted I can tell you are a higher level thinker than I am and I got a lot of respect for your game and could use all the help I can get. Feel free to text or call me 952 220 2575 or if not it's totally cool if you just want to communicate over CLP I totally understand. -David Ross
    February 2015
    • dgiharris
      Hey Dross,
      This poker thing is tough and the hardest thing to get over is our egos. Trust me, I know, getting over my ego was/is very hard. Please don't be embarrassed to post mistakes. You are actually putting it all out there going balls to the walls and that takes some serious fucking guts man. As a pro, and you are a pro now, you have to be willing to do whatever it is you got to do to improve your game. My suggestion is that you make a puppet account at 2+2 so you can post hands without being embarrassed. It is crucial, absolutely vital that you post hands you have questions about. As a pro, whenever we make mistakes it costs us money and our livelihood.

      Also, even Bart Hansen still makes mistakes, I still make mistakes, so don't ever feel bad about posting your mistakes. I would like you to post in your thread, that is what it's there for. And yes, we will jump in your thread and tell you "hey you made a huge mistake here..." but everytime you do that and learn, your mistakes will grow less and less and in about a year you will be making higher level mistakes, mistakes that most of us pros make.

      As for calling you, sorry, I'm super busy with coaching and modding at 2+2 and grinding. I don't have much time. So my main method of helping others is to just jump online and post some critiques.

      But back to you, we are rooting for you and know that you are among friends and people who know what its like. So don't feel embarrassed to post mistakes. I can't say enough about that. sorry for the rant

      take care and GL

      harris aka dgiharris