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  • Looks like about 33% to me, if your FD is no good....26% The likely hood and the range of the player involved in the hand, is most closely only known by you, And thats the variable that cant be known, but you have the most info on.
  • Its not terrible, the EV will be close but you will still be a bit behind most likely if it goes 3 ways.....You hand is most likely ahead of the limpers yet to go, you need to be sure at least one is coming along to make it profitable and still then…
  • So my thinking while in the hand was, This guys preflop raise is screaming strength, almost always AA or KK, Sure he could have QQ but it would have to be super premium. I need to add some fold Equity here, We are deep he is going to have to fold un…
  • Aesah;48753" said:[quote="aaron;48707"] I don't think the game conditions on average are going to change too much over the course of a year (i.e. economy, fish:pro ratio, etc.) so taking the long-term view can you expand a little. I meant the long-…
  • Hey Bart, Fold Pre Now we are OOP against a guy that raised who has only played 1-2 hands in 30min and our hand is meh. Pot the flop Probably potting the turn. check and eval river,
  • Unless you have some reason to believe the guy is going tilt monkey, its not ok to gii with when flopping nutz and no redraw in PLO when deep. We be folding to the 3B. We to often are getting FreeRolled as in your case and even in the rare occasion…
  • I had the Straight as well a with Redraw to Nut Clubs, So facing my turn bet, he only rakes this pot 7.5% of the time and Chops 70%, I take it down the rest of the time. Got me wondering how careful i need to be facing big turn bets with out flush r…
  • I bet $150 Villain Calls River is a Queen of Diamonds. Action?