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  • Think I'm probably wrong but that's my last ditch effort to try and make sense of what I'm saying. Aprreciate the input in advance guys
  • Just doesn't make sense to me. Just feel like for a hand that has to improve to win that the average flop equity would be different vs an AAxx hand as opposed to the all in equity to where 5 cards are available to improve your hand. I mean with J106…
  • What?? J1064hhxx is roughly 40/60 vs AAxx. No way the average equity you flop xxx is 40% vs AAxx, a hand which is not going to improve a decent amount. J1064 gets it 40% from all 5 cards not the flop. Am I crazy? Aren't we referring to preflop equ…
  • U say preflop equity is equal to average flop equity?? No way that can be right vs AAxx
  • Aprreciate the help Aesah but was wondering about equity specifically to hit the flop, how often we flop 2 pair etc...does propokertools figure equity in that regard?
  • Plus villain is good player who limped co so i wouldnt think it would be easy to narrow his range to connected cards with the Queen considering he did not raise pre in cutoff. Obv not all good players will raise in this spot with rundowns that inclu…
  • He has 10 outs at most to hit turn to beat you so roughly 80% of the time you will have the best hand on turn....someone should do the math on this but pretty much if you just go with it everytime then 80% of the time you will have him 80/20 with on…
  • Especially if yall have history and he thinks you could turn a weak Axxx hand into a bluff. Like AJ67cc or something like that. I think I am bad about checking too much vs good players sometimes so this hand made me think. Hell, even good players …
  • Since it is highly unlikely he has you beat, I say bet small and give him a chance to make a mistake. Flop and turn play I like.
  • Just like any other poker game you want to win the big pots and this hand is not a great start to do that but you never know.......+ it is a great hand on the button to win many small to medium pots which is good for your image, good for experience,…
  • Call all day....way above ave hand I would limp on the button with. Position is huge. There are tons of value hands to flop. Pair + draws, fd + sd, two pair, naked nut flush draw, trips and sometimes u can steal pot with little equity. Just like i…
  • You need to change 1 thing. Make the show longer. Needs to be an hour instead of 30 min. 30 min is a tease.....way to good of a podcast to be 30 min.