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  • I think the hand preety much played itself. You had to go on top in the flop, and he pushes, can you really fold. I couldn't. I would be snapping. But I would be raising PF to around $110 100% of time with JJ. Can someone comment if this is a…
  • Thanks for the comment. I shoved after his $155 raise. He thought for 5 minute and called. He had Kh Qc, not even a heart draw. I was confused but I doubled up.
    in Silly Hand Comment by Newz March 2014
  • I maybe a little bit cautious, but imagine the villain having Ac 4c, would he play the hand exactly like that. I mean the argument is he would probobly bet higher in the river, but could he not put you in a straight draw or even 2 pair. I would ca…
  • Thanks for the reply. I have $500 and he covers me. Villain is BB and he just called my $15 bet pre-flop then after flop he cheacks. I played with him 10-15 session and he is preety tight, but aggressive if he has something.
    in Silly Hand Comment by Newz March 2014
  • WOW, poker is a cruel game. I cant fold here, I am calling. 1 has trips and the other has top A 3 or K 3 - best case scenario. Whatever hearing the description of the Villains, I cant fold.
  • I RAISE TO $400 and prepare to shove if Small Blind Shoves. The rest of the other players has ranges wide and you are most probably crushing them. They will fold after your ReRaise. Smaill Blind on the other hand maybe mid range pocket or getting…
  • In my opinion you are deffinetely not good here. PFR is $40 ok. Flop bet seems a little low. I would be doing $80 and Turn bet more at $200. After he calls the turn I wont bet the river, I will cheak and fold to a big bet. I will not call his …
  • Both have pretty tag images He seems like a competent reg I'm taking a shot at the game From the previous 3 statements you made, my imput is he has at least QQ – AA. He is most deffinetely not doing this with AK. AK if he is decide to 4 bet, he w…