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  • [spoiler] I ended up checking. I showed my hand and the other two mucked. One player said he had the A :s: and the other a pair and straight draw. Maybe I have to value bet the river here but it's so hard to bet fold here if I get raised cus of the …
  • [spoiler] I called and V showed 66. This was one of those spots where after I got raised I realized my river bet was kind of auto pilot and it was really hard to get called by worse.[/spoiler] stayinschool;77408" said:I'd check flop. Our hand is jus…
  • The rake is 10% of the pot up to a $5 max, plus $2 for the bad beat/promotion. This is for both $1/$2 and $2/$5. I believe at $5/$10 level it switches to a timed rake of $5/half hour, but that game rarely spreads. The buy in for $1/$2 is $100-$400…
  • I had an interesting hand this weekend that made me flash back to the hand above immediately afterwards. I wanted to share because it solidified some of the points you guys made. V1 ($450 behind) is a tighter middle aged white guy - I made a fishy …
  • iamallin;75121" said:Short stack actually increases variance because you become pot committed easily on many turns. In deep stacked games, you can get away from hands more easily should the action suggest you are beat. In any case, a lot depends o…
  • Arenzano;75074" said:Why not buy in 100bb to feel out the game then add on up to the cap. Thanks for suggesting this approach. I hadn't really thought of this and it could also be a good way to ensure I'm really focusing when I sit down to get a fe…
  • Thanks for the feedback (I'll work on the formatting.) My big takeaway after reflecting some more on this hand is to spend a little more time putting myself in my opponents shoes. If I can do that - I probably arrive at the conclusion he has a weake…