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  • Thanks all – this post has been incredibly helpful and I hope it helps other subscribers as well.
  • Disclaimer: I'm a nit. River card blows. I think V never has JT based on turn action because he would want to GII unless he specifically has JTss. Importantly, river should be mega-scare card for him as the board smashes your range. Don't know what…
  • I do not think the idea of calling off is at all bad. I'm just saying what do we beat that he does this with? Also would appreciate feedback on hand – is river sizing spew? For turn betting advocates, what does he call with?
  • I think pointing to Bart's constant reminder: remember, remember the pre-flop action. Based on his pre-flop sizing (to be fair, I don't any reads) but I think that raising small suited aces is exceptionally uncommon when it's so cheap for him to cal…
  • Thanks for the comments - I should add that Villain is a pretty competent hand reader. I don't think he is calling >125 on the river with AT or worse. Also getting a teensy bit contradictory, but I don't think he calls my open with very many A2o-…
  • As a follow-up, when I call, doesn't that cap my range? If so, wouldn't competent V2 fire any turn? Assuming a brick turn comes, can you call another turn bet? Even though it may very well be the right play, I'm uncomfortable calling with a made ha…
  • I still feel a little confused with picking spots/opponents to call down. In three of the hands (two vs. Ball, one vs. Richardson) the front door flush draw comes in on the turn, and in each of those hands, you have a hand with very high absolute va…
  • Thanks! Also mixing it up - if you are in Villain's spot, against a competent player, would you be raising AQ/KQ OTT if bet into? 4 combos of J9s that have you in bad shape, and you're pretty much dead against 88, TT. I feel that only AdJd, QJ can c…
  • I think he would raise with AQ/KQ OTT if bet in to. However, could you explain why donking is correct if he wouldn't? (still learning over here, thanks)
  • Sorry - I don't understand the equity calculations. Could you please clarify?
  • I think if you are PFR, hold AK / AQ, and face a c/r on this flop, you are only ever ahead of Q8. I just don't think KJ/QJ will ever c/r here when the board totally smashes your PFR range, and if you c-bet, your range is not at all capped. I don't e…
  • Hm...I actually hate a c/r in this spot (with bottom 2) because I feel it would definitely be a way-ahead way-behind. I think AK/AQ is folding when check-raised on this board. Are you advocating turning JT into a bluff? What are you getting to fold…
  • Would also appreciate insight on thought process on the flop when checked too (i.e. pre-spoilers) Thanks!
  • Appreciate the input! I apologize for wording, when I say 3 to river, I include myself, so it's 3 handed play with 2 other callers if that changes your response...
  • Thanks for the reply - but my hesitation to c/c is that I'd feel pot-committed given the stack sizes. If someone bets $100 and I call, pot is $350, I have $225 left. Even if they bet $75, pot is 300, and I have $275 left AND am OOP. On a blank turn,…
  • I think it's problematic to assume that he flats our pre-flop 3-bet 100% of the time with QQ+. If we assume that there is a 4-bet 66%+ of the time with QQ+ and that in instances where he calls our 3-bet pre, he will bet that flop 75%+ of the time, t…