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  • Thanks for the feedback. Definitely another lesson learned. It is always harder for me to make a great fold than a great call. I have never encountered a hand like this so what the right play was. This was a very disappointing session, as I was doin…
  • One of my friends said my reasoning was flawed because if the villain has a worse two pair such as AT or 9T, it is very unlikely he would shove all-in. He would make a smaller raise for value.
  • Yeah I think I should fold on the river. I learned that people don't bluff nearly as often in live compared to online. Also, since I don't have history with this opponent, it is less likely he will overbet as a bluff.
  • The tournament only pays top 12, with 96 players total, so bubble or ICM probably isn't a big factor. The BB was the short stack for this hand. I agree with how shoving is a marginal decision. If I were to choose between shoving and folding preflop,…
  • I agree that giving up on the turn would be the best play. In retrospect, the folding range for my opponent is very narrow: maybe 77, 88, and TT and that's it. 99, JJ, AJ, and A9s are never folding. Lower pairs and hands like AQ are unlikely to call…
  • He was winning big, but lost a big pot just before this hand. When he lost that pot, he slammed his cards down hard on the felt. The hand where he lost that big pot, he had a tough decision on the river when the backdoor flush came in. He took over …
  • Hi everyone, I have sold about 52% of my action. Only 18% remaining. If you are interested, you will need to act fast. William
  • Hi guys, I have sold about 37% of my action already. I have a stable job and I treat poker as a source of second income. Although I could technically afford $10,000 to play in the WSOP ME, I believe I am risking too much of my poker bankroll. As I m…
  • Since I am currently playing this tournament series to qualify for the Mega Millions, I would like to point out something subtle. It is true that I want to get a seat for the Mega Millions. However, the chip counts carry over to upcoming Tuesday. Th…
  • The purpose of my bet is to set up a multiple street bluff. On the flop, I expect every pair, AQ, and AK to call. However, there are many overcards I can use to get better hands to fold. I agree with marseille. I will definitely use this hand as a r…