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  • IMO, for newer or low bankroll players, it's fine to lock up your win once you notice that the amount on the table is out of proportion to your buy-in. I wouldn't feel bad about passing (folding) a spot that I felt was not solidly +EV (IE flipping…
  • I agree with you that putting others to a decision, especially short stacks, in tournament poker is a huge deal. It sucks when you can't add any fold equity to the calculation and you are just flipping with small pairs. IMO, you've got to be sure h…
  • Q: Did you check the turn? If so I think you need to bet.
  • Since you are OOP I'd probably check on the four straight board and let him bluff. However he might not bet 89, 87, or 97 so if you think that is a big part of his range maybe betting isn't too bad! Interesting little board and hand.
    in 2/3 Value Spot Comment by brick May 29
  • +1 for build the pot
  • I've been opting for the lower variance option on these large "flips" lately. Doesn't seem like you have a big edge or overlay in this situation.
  • I agree with LM. 26% equity against a set of T's. You are putting in a lot more than 26% of the money. You would need to be against bluffs and worse draws to swing it to a call.
  • Well played. Good news, you have learned main lessons that poker will teach you and now you can retire from poker in peace. Because poker will go on like this forever. You will win some and lose some. Work hard, play well, and most importantly rem…
  • I also plan to FT my first ever event so keep those patches handy!
  • Registration page is hard to find from a phone. Lots of fine print to read as well. http://www.wsop.com/registration/
    in WSOP 2019 Comment by brick May 28
  • Would be quite the play for him to raise there. I would watch home closely going forward.
  • I use AntennaPod. It has a nice 30 second FF feature.
  • Turned out well, nice hand! Would you have bet KQo on the turn? Assuming you got there PF somehow.
  • Sounds like great app idea that can easily be improved to accept a few more variables mentioned above
  • From the Villian's perspective, we have a lot of aces in our range.... so I don't think his river bet is a bluff very often, but it might be close given the odds we are getting.
  • It's tough when an opponent plays so tight we suspect them to have a very narrow range in a spot when most players will have a wide range. Requires the confidence to make the exploit which heavily depends on understanding your opponent. If villi…
  • I was commenting about his play. Your river check seems good against this player given the history, board texture, and the 4-bet pot nature. A river bet would rep two pair plus for sure.
  • @bart His river check is seems bad. Unless he was checking to induce. I would think, given this player, you would 3-bet jam any made flushes on the turn? That leaves him with an easy bet, no?
  • I keep a separate bank account because it makes my wife feel good. I add 100 per month with an auto transfer. This system is awesome for married poker players. All winnings stay in the poker fund, however like Wendy, when the account grows I buy so…
  • I'd probably play it the same PF, F, T. River you have to be good 31% of the time which probably makes it a fold. But he is almost polarizing himself saying I have a 3, 4 or flush. It would be pretty badass of him to value bet the flush at large…
  • Fold because it's not a profitable draw against two players given the action. One of them has an Ace a lot so your hand only has 9 outs. He priced you out.
  • Seems like a problem to check the river here. I would bet 800 to avoid a free card and get called by a straight or 8. I'd be more inclined to check a blank river. (Offsuit 2,3 K,Q,J.... 15 cards or so) Probably would be safest to raise to turn on t…
  • I'd be shipping both AI but maybe that is a spew in a tournament? I'm sure that would be correct in a live game. In hand 1 you can have a strong hand due to your UTG raise and JJ, TT , KQ, will all likely fold. In hand 2, unless button is super tr…
  • Thanks for all the feedback. I called river in hand one hoping for two pair, but lost. In hand #2 I actually folded the turn. So this question was a bit theoretical. Not sure how bad/weak my fold was... I had no flush draw. I could have been ahead o…
  • 280 in the pot right? Lately my winrate has been suffering a little and I wonder if it's due to getting away from the bread and butter of bet-folding? Here maybe bet full pot or even 300 straight and fold if raised. I feel like it's still small eno…
  • Moving up is tough. Your experience is not that uncommon. I know it's happened to me a few times! Plus even when you "make it" and build a larger bankroll there will be larger games out there ... (even if only when you are traveling). So this kind …
  • Running it once makes a faster game, but reduces gambling IMO. There should be a more clear & standard way to determine who wants to run it twice. I propose "Run it twice buttons" similar to overs buttons.
  • Welcome to the forum. I'd probably play 5-5 at Hustler due to the nice atmosphere, because I can replenish my bankroll, and because I'm a rec player. Depends on your goals... Do you primarily want to make money? how many hours you want to play? I'…
  • I don't fully understand this hand being the one to go after. Trying not to be results oriented... and I understand we have a flush draw and gutshot, but it's 5 ways in a straddled pot with a connected board and an A just hit the turn. I guess it …
  • Sure would be interesting to know if he had KTo. You might ask him next time if he will tell you what he had. Because if he can have KTo on the river, then he can have a huge range of other weak hands and turn is a must raise.