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  • So many villains will overplay any Ax here. You can essentially never fold middle set at this stack depth.
  • Fold is fine. Older Asians generally fall into 2 categories: total degen gamblers that will chase any draw for any price, or ultra-nit OMCs.
  • I generally wouldn't call a 3b with a hand like KQo. That being said, we are deep and the 3b in this case is just a click-back. We can call, but I would proceed very cautiously even if we hit top pair.
  • UTG leading flop for 60 into 210 looks weak. From a bad player, this is indicative of 8x or a draw. When UTG1 pro raises flop, he should have a ton of overpairs and big semibluffs like 2 overs + NFD. I’m not necessarily giving him credit for a flo…
  • BTPoker;119244" said:[quote="Piggy;119202"]Do we have any reads on villain? Even if he is “unknown” we can make some assumptions and inferences based on age, ethnicity, appearance, posture, how he handles cards and stacks chips, etc. He was 30-35, …
  • bubba316999;119237" said:The other hand that got there since he was playing from the BB is 54 especially if he's suited in clubs. If he was assuming the open limper was going to complete pre I could see the V making that call. Only hand of hero's …
  • I don’t see how this could possibly be trips other than A2cc. Hero bet flop, bet the turn undercard, then river pairs the turn. Given the price, I’m snap calling river.
  • I am inclined to 3bet pre vs a MP open, but if we are on the button without dead money to squeeze I can understand just calling. When an aggro player 3bets and we are deep, I like a call in position to play postflop. On the flop with top set in a 3b…
  • Do we have any reads on villain? Even if he is “unknown” we can make some assumptions and inferences based on age, ethnicity, appearance, posture, how he handles cards and stacks chips, etc.
  • I would just shove pre being so short. I want to make sure I realize all my equity and see all 5 cards. If we’re not shoving pre, I would simply GII on any flop.
  • I first off, I’m probably just checking pre. I wouldn’t normally open QTo from up front, which means I’m not iso raising it after multiple limps. If we ARE raising from the blinds, I make it bigger pre. 35 is too small from the blinds after 3 limps…
  • I misunderstood the stack sizes in the OP. If we are $1800 effective, we only have 770 left after we call the extra 500 on the turn. Based on that, this is a shove or fold spot since the raise is stack committing and we don’t have enough behind to c…
  • Turn raise from a passive player on an AK board? In most cases my default reflex is fold unless he could be overplaying something. Someone who overcalls JJ pre and checks back trips is generally not going to be semibluffing draws. If I wanted to “i…
  • I’d rather 4b as a semibluff with all the dead money. AKo likes fewer opponents and we are happy if he folds QQ-TT.
    in To 4bet or flat? Comment by Piggy June 8
  • I will usually check (or call) back raise HUGE my entire value betting / raising range in most situations. I find that it messes with people because while it should look extremely strong, many folks level themelves into thinking you are bullying th…
  • I would fold pre holding AJo facing an EP open. As played, just shove turn. If we bet small (say 100) and get called, are we ever folding a diamond river for our last 100? I want to GII OTT against NFD that turned TP.
  • [spoiler]I called figuring he is weighted towards Qx given so many flush combos are blocked. He had KTdd[/spoiler]
  • I would bet bigger on the turn, say $50-55. We have the perfect double barreling card. Villain shouldn’t have any K except KXss. And best of all we’ve picked up a ton of additional outs due to the double-gutter. When river bricks out, I’m inclin…
  • I would consider folding turn and think that we should definitely fold river. Our hand looks like exactly what it is: AX. I think villain shows up with AT+ a lot here, even though there’s only one ace left in the deck.
  • K7o? Just fold pre even in the blinds when it limps around, IMO.
  • fishcake;118763" said:I think the hand is a trivial fold. Villain would have to be donking a pretty unreasonable range for us to continue here. We also have two players behind and over 2/3ds of the deck isn't a blank on the turn. Are you saying it…
  • Above and beyond 15-25-35, i just play crazy tight from the first 3 positions. Pretty-looking trouble hands like AJo, KQo, KJo, etc. I will just snap fold them first in.
  • Can we raise small to try and trap the BB if the short SB shoves? SB has 400 and night check-jam anything that connects including all draws. He has 400 and the current bet is 80. Say we make it 240 (or less), SB ships it, and BB calls, we could re-s…
  • Downsizing is terrible at the lowest stakes. It causes villains to do weird things like spaz raise and leave us second guessing ourselves. When we cbet 1/3 pot with AQ on Q72r, is the fishy villain raising because he called pre with Q2o and luckboxe…
  • If villain is sticky, hand 1 is a slam dunk bet-fold on river for ~1/2 pot. In hand 2, I’m betting flop and shutting down on the turn. We can charge draws but every reasonable Qx has us in bad shape. As played, We put ourselves in a sticky spot. W…
  • Fold. I’d expect to see QJss or QJcc a lot here. 98s is also possible, but I’d expect straights to bet or raise the turn with 2 flush draws out there.
  • Garland;118168" said:Fixed Hand 5 label for LJ, thanks. Can you please reread hand 2? 6 :c: would make me full. We need roughly 20x in order to peel with an underpair for set value, assuming we can get paid when we hit. I think that might be a l…