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  • I agree with Shaman. A little too weak to iso with against someone you expect will call. Would barrel turn and give up on the river if you miss.
  • It’s far more likely he has AQ or KK than he has you beat. You are very deep. If you were only 600-700 effective, I’d say just raise and get it in. I’m never folding. The main question would be if you think this guy will fold a hand like AQ if you …
    in 1/3 At Wynn Comment by JLBJ June 29
  • This is painful, but lacking any other read, I think you have to fold. Is he turning 76 into a bluff? He can’t be raising all-in with just a king, right? Super loose preflop doesn’t mean super loose for a river raise.
    in $2/5 Shrug Call? Comment by JLBJ June 18
  • After all the calls, even though it’s a single-raised pot, the SPR is 2. Sometimes you will be beat, but this is a shrug-call.
  • What about preflop? He makes it 15K, do you think he has other than AA or KK enough to just get it in for 50K?
  • Piggy’s point is the key one for me: If he’s a thinking player at all, then he knows you have at least Ax on the turn, so it would be suicide to try to bluff you off trip aces. It’s not 100 percent. I’ve seen thinking players commit suicide at the …
    in 1/2 A8s in the SB Comment by JLBJ June 3
  • I knew I was getting too good a price to fold. I called and folded when he jammed on a 333 flop. Do you think he’s doing this often enough with QQ or less that I should have just jammed myself?
  • I get that it’s a weird line for him to take to check-call the flop, but your call on the turn is extremely thin, especially at these stakes. He has to put you on an ace, so his betting the river is also scary. Of course sometimes it’s hard for peo…
    in 1/2 A8s in the SB Comment by JLBJ June 3
  • I’d make it 100. Folding an overpair is a lot easier in theory than practice, especially on the flop. Build a pot.
  • Both of these are folds in these games. People just aren’t bluff-raising the turn very often. First one is a lot closer than second one. The second one is a questionable c-bet, in my opinion, in a four-way pot. Rather check and see how it develops.…
  • He’d have to show AK or K9 to me. Call.
  • Bluffing two people on the river is ambitious, though there’s not many hands that would be checking this flop through then calling a 3/4-pot bet on the turn. AT would be one of those hands though. I would give up. But I would also fold pre. Don’t t…
  • If you feel confident he won’t get away from top pair, then happily get it in. Like Cycle said, your hand is face up when you shove, but that never stops some people from calling with top pair.
  • The default would be to fold the turn, unless you see him as someone often using check-raise bluffs. Then he follows up on the river. I think you have to let this one go, unless you have a specific read that he gets out of line.
  • Jam. If he minraised turn then checked the river with 99 or 86, he just gets to take your money.
  • Did you mean you had KhQh? Because your hand history has you flopping the nuts.
  • I don’t think anything’s calling you that you beat, and you’re unlikely to move him off a chop. I think you played the hand right until that point. Turn is getting thin, but if he’s capable of barreling, you have to call.
  • You’ve thrown him the rope so that he can try to bluff the “nit.” Sometimes you will be beaten, but this is a call.
  • Yeah, check-raise then check is such a weird line. Like you said, you virtually know MP1 has a Ten. Just play it to get his stack. Decent bet on turn, rest on the river.
  • You played it right. Just make a note that this player has this move in his arsenal. Most times a raise on the turn or later from a rec player is super strong.
  • There’s probably no harm to making a small bet because if you get raised you just fold. But I don’t see what’s going to call you that you’re not chopping with. Is he really calling with KQ?
  • I could see a smallish bet on the river, but don’t think checking is bad. I could go either way preflop. You could click it up to try to induce from a guy who wants to be “great” and could make plays. But calling keeps all his bluffs in and is my d…
  • First, I think you can just muck this preflop with so many players left to act. I don’t hate the raise on the flop, but you could certainly just call. However, once you raise and he calls, you really can’t bet the turn. As you said, you put him on…
  • The turn is a check back after he called the raise on the flop. He’s not folding after that on a blank turn.
  • Ugh. Villain leading the flop is so weird. You’re getting well over 3-1 on a call. If he plays JJ or TT like this, folding is a disaster. I’m pretty sure I’m unhappily calling off here.
  • Haven’t looked at the spoiler. I’m not feeling great, but I can’t fold here. You are getting 2-1, which is the right price against a straight in a vacuum, but presumably the other player has some of your outs in his hand. But it’s still possible y…
  • I’d bet at least half pot on the flop. Have to call turn for that price. Tough river spot. You really cannot discount the spazz factor in some of these big pots. One reason I don’t like small flop bets is that your opponents sometimes interpret the…
  • She would have had to show down a better hand to beat me here. We need to reraise this flop, possibly all-in. It looks like we have an overpair, and she will call with her two pairs and sets. She also might call with hands like 76, 65 and 66, which …
  • Everything Sonny said. If I check this flop, I’m just check-folding. I would have c-bet with two overs and a backdoor flush draw. Then if he raised you have an easy fold. Like the turn as a check-call after you check-call flop. No reason to lead. A…
  • First, you have to raise preflop. This is one of the best hands you can be dealt, and on top of it, you’re in position. Raise all day for value. Just call this river raise. A river min-check-raise represents extreme strength. I’d be more worried ab…