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  • I agree. Played this hand badly. Total brain fart on turn. Thanks for comments
  • What about equity in the hand? If the deep stacked player has set or 2 pair and the pot is over 4k and I have to put 1500 in it at 40 percent equity, isn't it worth it? Or is it because the other two players may have a higher flush draw just kil…
  • I agree I needed to find a fold. I said aloud as I called you have quad jacks? Yes he did.
  • What about lessons? I heard in the podcast you teach.
  • I agree with all above. Just wanted to confirm my thoughts.
  • Vincent you should write your own book. I remember when you replied to one of my posts. It was written so well. And again you do it here. I always appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you put into your posts. Plus the fact you throw in some …
  • That's an awesome two cents!
  • Okay I understand. Still learning this crazy game. We are playing it more and more in the clubs here in NYC. People do the dumbest stuff. Stuff they'd never do in hold em. Lots of fun though. Back to the hand. This is still a raise in early …
  • So are you saying AKKT is best 56 percent. And if so am I bet folding this hand with my awkward stack size?
  • It actually boggles my mind a bit when people I know that I've played poker with for years don't improve. I don't think they care. Or are too lazy to put the work in that it takes to become a better player. I too have had had moments where I tho…
  • If you really feel compassionate for the addictive gambler, you should try and take every cent he has. He / She will only really have that moment of clarity when their face is truly being kicked in. The more punches to the pocket book the sooner it…
  • The AQ vs KQ was tough. I'm against a spewy aggressive player who has proved himself to make moves. Bad call. I don't know if you can say this is always a fold. He re raises me with KQ and we both get there on the river. Cooler ? bummer? I did…
  • Thanks Vincent. #1 True. I do take breaks. #2 Totally true. Not happy when I run my mouth. #3 I figured. And I respect Limon. Love listening to him. So I look forward to 2000 #4 I agree. I do want those plays against me. #5 Could a…
  • He probably has A4. If he has 22 44 3/5 its a cooler. Can't fold.
  • Ego may be an issue. I agree. I do feel I am better and have some phil helmuth moments when complete crap wins. Brief moments of incredulousness. I tend to hate people who suck out then don't value bet their hand when they hit. These people can d…
  • Ilya thanks for your understanding. I think you get it. If you haven't had a night where the chips vanish from your stack rapidly then I'll read your book. It just happens sometimes and you could be playing well. Sticky spots, suck outs, crap …
  • This hand I guess is really read dependent. It's just a question of when to pull the trigger. I folded after I really felt he had bubkus and I was ahead. He had 33 and shoved because he picked up a 4 outer. A gutshot. Annoying. But my only r…
    in 99 vs All In Comment by kdogmc July 2013
  • I think this is a very bad call and it is a pretty good example of what Bart preaches. The villain bluffed against a player who flopped a flush and still called after the board paired. Players who flop flushes don't fold. So it was a bad play b…
  • Well I ended up shoving. I figured he would call the rest off and I was ahead of his range. Thus making up the difference if V2 had AA. V2 had AK and I don't know what V1 had but he was shocked I limped with KK. I won. KK held up.
  • V1. V2 is pretty straight.
  • I agree I made a mistake. I had it read right and figured I only had 200 in..... It was bad. Hand was a while ago and I still regret it. I play in NYC where the action can be straight out dumb. The second caller had J8 and folded.
  • Thanks Steve for the odds calculation Kevin
  • Pick a better spot. So far you feel he has hands to 3 bet you. You think he's tight. He could easily have an overpair. Your line doesn't make a lot of sense. This looks like he's frustrated you and you're spazzing off your chips. Calling from …
  • I suck at this part so someone correct me. Well if its my JJ vs her 9,10s 77 88 its 66.9 equity for me I'm getting 1.3 to 1 which is .76 so yes I should call based on these numbers correct?
  • It was a 2/5 game and yes it's feels like a 5/10. After going over and asking myself what I would have called 75 in this hand. It's generally Ak suited AQ suited 77 88. Of course i wouuld need the correct odds and in her position would have …
  • Oh yeah. And she calls clock on me.
  • I agree with both above. If you bluff the flop you need to bluff the turn. This flop may have hit him. And pushing him off AJ could be problematic unless you hammer the turn. I had this exact problem recently with QQ but chose to check the flo…
  • I have an Xbox and if I'm not playing I'm game. Sounds cool.
  • I don't think I can bluff this guy. He is terrible. If he had bet turn or river I would fold and give up. If the turn was a blank and he bombed I'd fold. I wanted to check out whether a call in SB w/ QJ was correct. I've tightened up where…
  • he said he had a pair and a flush draw. So yes you're right that flop bet was off. Something I should have observed better.