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Everyone get the 7 day trial up front. SO if you come in on a 30 day free code you will actually get 37 days free.. Bart


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  • I don't get it.. you win right? Besides not 3!ing a guy that is so wide with his opens, you played the hand fine up until the river. If the flop was rainbow I would usually check behind on the river. If there was a flush raw I may bet for value.…
  • I'd probably play this hand as a call.. the button can make your life a living hell if you raise, which is what happened. If he has nothing behind you he'll just fold a hand like QJ. If we were closing the action here I could definitely see raisin…
  • Yeah cant fold sets at this level. He could easily think KQ is the nuts @wildncrazyguy
  • First call of the show: http://www.crushlivepoker.com/podcasts/when-is-thing-too-thin
  • I'll talk about it a bit more this week as well. Maybe I will title the podcast about it as well.
  • @maphacks I pulled my NL graph from the past 4300 hours. Just by eying it it looks like I had a break even stretch of 500 or so hours between hours 2500 and 3000 and another one of 500 hours between 3200 and 3700 hours. Because these stretches wer…
  • I added a few sessions to the challenge results, including a nice little win from the Hustler last night. This is still obviously a very small sample.
  • maphacks;118599" said:Hey Bart, Could you please look up what's your longest break even stretch historically in terms of hours? On my phone I probably only have 4300 hours of NL records, but I will check. I will be updating this thread tomorrow w…
  • Social media tip on Insta and Twitter, coincidentally, today is: "In smaller live games, open raise sizes are usually 4-5x+. In a severely capped structure this reduces stack depth and a solid preflop strategy is paramount."
  • RAYwHITE;118641" said:Hey Bart, I can’t find the information on that poker app you described in this podcast. How can I get this info? Shoot me a PM on telegram @BartPKC
  • Obv if the button in the straddle the sb should be extremely tight.. Might even want to implement a limp and raise strategy. Its like the super UTG with 8 to act behind you with the positional disadvantage. Bart
  • I would recommend buying in for $300 at 5-5 and playing tight. You arent going to learn anything from 2-3 and the level is flooded with short stacks. Its also like 95% preflop. The more you play at 5-5 the more comfortable you will be. bart
  • Im not exactly sure what you are asking.. are you saying from my opponents perspective what would you do from OOP on the turn? The board did run out a one liner. But If I has KQ fro m OOP and the board was 8675 yeah I would be dong a fair amount o…
  • [spoiler]So I considered clicking this up, protected by the fact that +2 wouldn’t shove back, scared of AA. But I looked at the suits on the board and realized that there were only 2 possible combos of J9s and it’s questionable whether he would take…
  • This hand is discussed extensively as the first hand on the podcast today..
  • If the pfr calls and everyone fold I would jam any non board pair. And if you check a board pair many times you will get a reverse free card and you can decide whether or not you want to bluff blanks on the river as your hand looks like a fullhouse…
  • Bet like $125 here so that he feels like he needs to call with his one pair hands as well as a high club. This is good turn variable sizing where you have other hands besides just representing flushes and QT. Sets up a nice all-in size on the rive…
  • Are you sure has has all those JTos combos that he limp calls a raise from up front AND calls the flop?
  • Definitely raise. Your hand has a boatload of equity vs an overpair (15 outs) and there is a huge overlay in the pot + the preflop raiser has to worry about the calls behind her. This is a perfect spot to semi bluff.
  • SO he's going all in for 960 more right for a total of 1360? SO river is 2450, 960 to call? Im not sure if this is every an overplay or a bluff given the pot odds. This is where the theory and MDF fail because you shouldnt be folding enough t…
  • Just to add a small note, because both of these hands have a bd flush draw they are both better to bet than when you don't have the bd flush draw. So if you think a spot is close to betting or checking look for these little extra details. Bart
  • Definitely 3 bet all-in on the river. You are beating 67 and a random 5 both of which is in this guys range. Occasionally you make lose to QQ or 44, 45 suited but you are beating more hands than you lose to. Bart
  • The stacks are such that the turn play becomes fairly close. Just realize that with a deeper SPR you don't want to be playing KK in this manner on this board. Bart
  • I don't know how experienced you are in PLO8, but if your somewhat of a novice folding on the flop is totally fine. I would call if I had a set and the nut flush draw. The issue here is that you already are shut out for one side of the pot. The…
  • I don't think that this hand is a 3 bet from the straddle a "large majority of the time". ITs a perfect hand to call. You are supposed to be very tight in this spot with your 3 bets closing the action and from my understanding quite polar with a co…
  • This actually seems like a spot where a 25-30% cbet is in order as a volume/range/protection/value bet. Its a good spot to demonstrate how betting in certain situations is not just about getting value or bluffing. I'm sure that you have seen the "W…
  • If you don't have a job and going broke means that you have to stop playing then you have to be extra careful with your bankroll. If you have a way to replenish (like can easily pick up a job) then you can be more aggressive. That being said I wou…
  • Because you have less then a pot sized bet just open shove the river. V1 really should have a K here or a flush thats going to be calling a large bet sizing. If I was deeper and playing a little bit of a higher level I feel like this is a great ha…
  • @dragon-Ash do you ever frequent the low content section of Discord :) ?
    in 30K Bankroll Busto Comment by Bart May 4
  • I like to play this type of board as a delayed double barrel quite a bit. A lot of players in your spot will check back almost any turn pot controlling vs an 8, so even if a card comes that hits your range hard as a barrel, you can check back, say …