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Everyone get the 7 day trial up front. SO if you come in on a 30 day free code you will actually get 37 days free.. Bart


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  • In hand 1 I would probably just fold on the flop. Your low is most likely dead (solely going for half) and there is a very good chance someone has at least an 8 here, or AK and diamonds. Hand 2 is tricky. The shallower you are the better this h…
  • Snap shove is good.. But when you turn all the call function it assumes that your opponent is shoving with the right hands. You will have to adjust if you think that they are shoving tighter than optimal (most live players) or more loose. Bart
  • You cant fold AKs here for less than 25bbs. Some crazy things have to happen to fold AKos at less than 25bbs but this is just an open and a rejam. Its actually a great scenario for you as you are most likely flipping vs a pair or dominate AQ. In …
  • Ive played in this tourney every year (3 years) that its been offered and have gone deep all three times. It's a great event with a single re entry. The "special" part of the event is that the big bet rounds of PLO8 and Big O are actually half as …
  • In theory it doesnt make any difference how many BBs you have unless you are close to the bubble. In practice if your table is very soft and you think you can pick up a lot of ships without showdown you could pass on the very very marginal calls, b…
    in Push/Fold chart Comment by Bart June 11
  • After coming to the WSOP its to be expected. Ive seen guys thrown in the 75-150 O8 game that have never dealt before in their lives. The way to tell if somebody is a real asshole is if they get mad at these dealers. There is nothing to do but help…
  • Which events are you going to play in? I know that you have had a lot of success in tourneys where many on the site sort of have a bad taste in their mouths from bricking so many (including me at times). Bart
  • Shane;119088" said:Does CLP plan on offering any training for short deck? Not at the moment. It could be something we do as a one off in the future but I dont know how much of a demand there is. Bart
  • @eyehaityou OP's hand is 61% against a random A2T.
  • I dont like a lead here. And I do think its probably a fold preflop but its close. Check and hope it gets checked through. Then you can use variable sizing on the turn possibly followed up by an all-in on the river if he calls and you miss. If he…
  • kasspav;119035" said:[quote="Bart;119030"][quote="kasspav;119029"]What happens when the stacker is outside the US with taxes?? It was enough of a pain in the ass for me during my first package that I no longer allowed people to buy if they werent US…
    in Staking and Taxes Comment by Bart June 1
  • I probably would yes. Its going to be unlikely that the villain has a king here unless its K :s: X :s: but you block a lot of the spade draws. I would probably go $75-$100 or you could polarize all-in if you thunk that that will get you more fold …
  • I would say mostly 5-10 at about a $1500 to $2000 buy in equivalent. At that level, maybe $25-$75 per hour depending on the game, size players time of day etc. Bart
  • @headhunter Im not sure if the previous posters know this is high low or what. @msk Its big O you arent calling preflop with A4299 with the nut suit on the button? Anyways you could probably just get it in here on the flop as in a worst case sce…
  • What does "crushing online" mean?
    in 2019: Oback2 Comment by Bart June 1
  • kasspav;119029" said:What happens when the stacker is outside the US with taxes?? It was enough of a pain in the ass for me during my first package that I no longer allowed people to buy if they werent US citizens. Like the staker has to get an ITI…
    in Staking and Taxes Comment by Bart May 30
  • I got a bit lucky as Feldman would have flopped top set!
    in Bart cleans house Comment by Bart May 30
  • Guys, when you have an issue like this email support@crushlivepoker.com I think the issue is that the the download button doesn't appear if you are on a free 7 day trial (which everyone gets). After the 7 day trial is over the download button ap…
  • I would call here for sure. You only lose to 88, 55 or quad deuces and he can't have 2x :s: due to the suit distribution on the flop. Bart
  • [spoiler] BTW the whole reason why I checked TT there is so that you would continue barreling with a hand like J8 or QJ!! [/spoiler]
  • smaug81243;118859" said:@Bart What winrate do you think is possible in the smaller cap 5/5 games in LA? Commerce, hollywood park and gardens? Obviously depends on the game.. the drop is HUGE.. like $6-$7 a hand no matter what the size of the pot is…
  • Sorry I missed you in the shoutout @garland today, I knew I had forgot someone. We had Russ, Taylor, myself Dave Miller and you on there. Bart
  • I don't get it.. you win right? Besides not 3!ing a guy that is so wide with his opens, you played the hand fine up until the river. If the flop was rainbow I would usually check behind on the river. If there was a flush raw I may bet for value.…
  • I'd probably play this hand as a call.. the button can make your life a living hell if you raise, which is what happened. If he has nothing behind you he'll just fold a hand like QJ. If we were closing the action here I could definitely see raisin…
  • Yeah cant fold sets at this level. He could easily think KQ is the nuts @wildncrazyguy
  • First call of the show: http://www.crushlivepoker.com/podcasts/when-is-thing-too-thin
  • I'll talk about it a bit more this week as well. Maybe I will title the podcast about it as well.
  • @maphacks I pulled my NL graph from the past 4300 hours. Just by eying it it looks like I had a break even stretch of 500 or so hours between hours 2500 and 3000 and another one of 500 hours between 3200 and 3700 hours. Because these stretches wer…
  • I added a few sessions to the challenge results, including a nice little win from the Hustler last night. This is still obviously a very small sample.
  • maphacks;118599" said:Hey Bart, Could you please look up what's your longest break even stretch historically in terms of hours? On my phone I probably only have 4300 hours of NL records, but I will check. I will be updating this thread tomorrow w…