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Everyone get the 7 day trial up front. SO if you come in on a 30 day free code you will actually get 37 days free.. Bart


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  • RAYwHITE;118641" said:Hey Bart, I can’t find the information on that poker app you described in this podcast. How can I get this info? Shoot me a PM on telegram @BartPKC
  • Obv if the button in the straddle the sb should be extremely tight.. Might even want to implement a limp and raise strategy. Its like the super UTG with 8 to act behind you with the positional disadvantage. Bart
  • I would recommend buying in for $300 at 5-5 and playing tight. You arent going to learn anything from 2-3 and the level is flooded with short stacks. Its also like 95% preflop. The more you play at 5-5 the more comfortable you will be. bart
  • Im not exactly sure what you are asking.. are you saying from my opponents perspective what would you do from OOP on the turn? The board did run out a one liner. But If I has KQ fro m OOP and the board was 8675 yeah I would be dong a fair amount o…
  • [spoiler]So I considered clicking this up, protected by the fact that +2 wouldn’t shove back, scared of AA. But I looked at the suits on the board and realized that there were only 2 possible combos of J9s and it’s questionable whether he would take…
  • This hand is discussed extensively as the first hand on the podcast today..
  • If the pfr calls and everyone fold I would jam any non board pair. And if you check a board pair many times you will get a reverse free card and you can decide whether or not you want to bluff blanks on the river as your hand looks like a fullhouse…
  • Bet like $125 here so that he feels like he needs to call with his one pair hands as well as a high club. This is good turn variable sizing where you have other hands besides just representing flushes and QT. Sets up a nice all-in size on the rive…
  • Are you sure has has all those JTos combos that he limp calls a raise from up front AND calls the flop?
  • Definitely raise. Your hand has a boatload of equity vs an overpair (15 outs) and there is a huge overlay in the pot + the preflop raiser has to worry about the calls behind her. This is a perfect spot to semi bluff.
  • SO he's going all in for 960 more right for a total of 1360? SO river is 2450, 960 to call? Im not sure if this is every an overplay or a bluff given the pot odds. This is where the theory and MDF fail because you shouldnt be folding enough t…
  • Just to add a small note, because both of these hands have a bd flush draw they are both better to bet than when you don't have the bd flush draw. So if you think a spot is close to betting or checking look for these little extra details. Bart
  • Definitely 3 bet all-in on the river. You are beating 67 and a random 5 both of which is in this guys range. Occasionally you make lose to QQ or 44, 45 suited but you are beating more hands than you lose to. Bart
  • The stacks are such that the turn play becomes fairly close. Just realize that with a deeper SPR you don't want to be playing KK in this manner on this board. Bart
  • I don't know how experienced you are in PLO8, but if your somewhat of a novice folding on the flop is totally fine. I would call if I had a set and the nut flush draw. The issue here is that you already are shut out for one side of the pot. The…
  • I don't think that this hand is a 3 bet from the straddle a "large majority of the time". ITs a perfect hand to call. You are supposed to be very tight in this spot with your 3 bets closing the action and from my understanding quite polar with a co…
  • This actually seems like a spot where a 25-30% cbet is in order as a volume/range/protection/value bet. Its a good spot to demonstrate how betting in certain situations is not just about getting value or bluffing. I'm sure that you have seen the "W…
  • If you don't have a job and going broke means that you have to stop playing then you have to be extra careful with your bankroll. If you have a way to replenish (like can easily pick up a job) then you can be more aggressive. That being said I wou…
  • Because you have less then a pot sized bet just open shove the river. V1 really should have a K here or a flush thats going to be calling a large bet sizing. If I was deeper and playing a little bit of a higher level I feel like this is a great ha…
  • @dragon-Ash do you ever frequent the low content section of Discord :) ?
    in 30K Bankroll Busto Comment by Bart May 4
  • I like to play this type of board as a delayed double barrel quite a bit. A lot of players in your spot will check back almost any turn pot controlling vs an 8, so even if a card comes that hits your range hard as a barrel, you can check back, say …
  • The fact that the 4 isnt a club kind of sucks as he could have 4 :c: X :c:. But the fact that you block the sets with 97, there is only one quad combo of 4s and that you have no club in your hand makes this a slam dunk call. To the point where I w…
  • Ok but you said "Turn (200) 5♦️ I continue by bluff and bet 125..." So if you are betting the turn its not really a bluff.. its equity protection/value..which should choose a smaller sizing. Bart
  • I think you can make a very exploitable fold here holding the A :h: and being check - raised in a MULTIWAY 3 bet pot at 1/3. Very doubtful that he has JJ+ here with the cold call to the UTG and the just call to the 3 bet. There are 11 value hands …
  • Are we really folding top two here at this level? Can't he have a hand like a lesser kings up? Q6s as a slow play? I mean, this would be a crazy fold. Bart
  • What are you continuing to bluff on the turn? BB is the 3 bettor what are you trying to get him off of? It seems like the pot is like 5 ways right? Flop bet is ok I guess.. Seems like BB can have a hand like AK or AQ. Turn is either a check or a…
  • Try to make weekly posts (or every 20 hours), not daily and post an image of whatever tracker that you use and graph. Thats what I do for my challenges. Bart
  • @mrjones have you gone over Fast Track and the curriculum 101 here?
  • Well you're not going to het the UTG to fold a 9 high flush, thats for sure. And yes, this hand makes little sense, especially since he raised preflop. You DO have all the blockers which is really good for you in this case as its unlikely sb has A…
  • SHoot me an email over to bart@crushlivepoker.com Bart